Investment Overview


  • “LG has experienced constant growth — both in size and complexity — following the dynamics of the people management software market. Moreover, we are currently experiencing a significant technological infrastructure transition, which requires identifying qualified future prospects and investments. Therefore, having a partner to help make important decisions — with deep industry experience and market knowledge — is essential. H.I.G. has proven to be such a partner and the team at H.I.G. has also inspired significant improvements at our governance level.” Gustavo Teixeira, CEO - LG Sistemas

  • “To Eletromidia, the strategic direction we took based on H.I.G.’s vision and experience was the difference between the isolation middle market companies can face in our current globalized world and sustained growth.”   - Ricardo Otero,  Co-CEO - Eletromidia

  • “Effectively managing Office Total at this time of expansion generates countless challenges. It feels good knowing that we can rely on H.I.G. to help make strategic decisions and to share responsibilities.”   - André Pinheiro,  CEO - Office Total

  • “H.I.G. has been a great partner, contributing significantly to our success. H.I.G.’s deep knowledge of our business and its vast experience in other sectors has been highly valuable to us. Since day one, H.I.G. has contributed with strategic insights and best practices that have positively improved our bottom line.”   - Felipe Franco,  CEO - Cel-Lep